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<span><em><strong>Helping Clients Focus on What Matters Most</strong></em></span>

Helping Clients Focus on What Matters Most

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At ClearFocus, we believe the current times require a new and higher level of financial planning. We focus on the individual first and the numbers second. The fluid nature of today's economic climate requires constant vigilance and a higher level of understanding of individual needs in order to make the decisions necessary to help our clients to reach their financial goals.

A successful financial plan, is the result of clear and prudent decision making based on your specific goals and objectives. Ours is a participatory process, where your plan is developed and designed with your involvement and your success in mind. And, as fiduciary stewards we monitor your plan to help make sure it stays in line with your financial objectives and goals.



At ClearFocus, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our relationship with you, our client.

We act in your best interest, as a true fiduciary, because we begin our planning process by understanding your situation and your financial goals. As a result, the information, services, and products we provide are always based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Our fiduciary standard also helps to insure you of constant vigilance over your financial plan. In response to the fluid nature of today's economic climate, informed decisions, based sound academic data along with economic principles are routinely recommended to help you reach your financial goals.

As trusted stewards of your wealth, we take pride in our role as partners with you on your journey.

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Financial success is meeting the needs of today and the opportunities and risk of tomorrow. Our recommendations are based on the balanced application of academic research and practical applications. We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services.

Client Account Access

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Financial Plan Access

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Right Capital

Financial Planning

Individualized Financial Plans

Dynamic Asset Integration

Cash Flow Management

Debt Management

Income Maximization

Healthcare Funding

Investment Management

Volatility Management

Downside Risk Controls and Upside Captures

Academically Engineered Portfolios

Democratized Institutional Money Management

Active Asset Allocation Management

Retirement Planning

Segmented Income Planning

Individualized Income Strategies

Withdrawl Order Planning

RMD Management

Asset Location Strategies

Education Planning

Aid Strategies

Career, Major and College Alignment

Funding Strategies

Education Loan Assessment


Navigate and Evaluate Debt Options

Review Implications of Factors that Impact the Cost of Debt

Integrate Financing Options and Decision Making into Your Financial Plan


Advanced Insurance Design

Modified Endowment Planning

Key-Man Insurance

Property & Casualty

Disability Planning

Long Term Care Planning

Estate Planning

Gifting Strategies

Exemption Maximization

Asset Protection Strategies

Asset Distribution Strategies







Interactive tools and up to date resources that you may find helpful.


Educational articles on topics from retirement planning and your money to estate planning and taxation.


Helpful calculators to help with making your financial decision.


Enjoyable and easy to follow to learn about different financial topics.


Managing your money involves more than simply making a budget, learn more in step by step presentations.

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"Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.

Robert Kiyosaki

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