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Delivering Clear Financial Planning Solutions
Through The Effective Use of Balance

At ClearFocus, we believe the current times require a new and higher level of financial planning. We focus on the individual first and the numbers second. The fluid nature of today's economic climate requires constant vigilance and a higher level of understanding of individual needs in order to make the decisions necessary to help our clients to reach their financial goals.

Financial decision making, be it saving, spending, investing, or insuring is complicated and difficult on your own. There is no shortage of opinions and products being offered as the "best kept secret or magic bullet" for financial success.

The old approach of a one-time “off the rack products and solutions” just won't do. The retail financial planning and investment management industry has simply become a crowded market place of salesman and products, that does not lend itself to clear and prudent decision making. Individuals and business owners are forced to diagnose their difficulties and prescribe solutions based on limited information and sales pitches. It is critical for financial success that individuals and business owners make informed decisions that are based on their specific plan and not sales pressure.

A successful financial plan, is the result of clear and prudent decision making based on your specific goals and objectives. Ours is a participatory process, contrary to “Buyer beware sales transaction.” Your plan is developed and designed with your involvement and your success in mind. And, as fiduciary stewards we monitor your plan to help make sure it stays in line with your financial objectives and goals.